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Join a rock band and become a guitar hero!

You have become the rock legend you’ve always dreamed of with mobile’s best rhythm action game! With everything from flight sims to real time strategy games appearing on mobiles, it seems there’s no genre that can’t be done on a handset. But surely a game that usually requires its own guitar shaped controller to play is asking too much? Not so, says Gameloft, who has produced this mobile riff on the concept that works far better than you’d imagine. The basics are exactly the same, as a flaming cursor highlights a stream of fret buttons coming down the screen and you have to press the relevant key on your keypad at the right time. There’s even a star power-style super move if you manage to hit enough of the right notes in a row. Of course, all this would be meaningless if the music was no good, but there’s a sterling line-up of songs including Smoke on the water, Heroes and more. It’s the one game you’d never dream of playing with the sound turned off!

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The Tenchu series revolutionized the stealth genre back in the hazy days of the PSone and debuted impressively on the PS2 with Tenchu: Wrath of Havens. Now the ninja fest has left warm bosom of Activision and forth installment Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is set for release through Sega.

Once again, the Tenchu epic is being developed by K2 studios, but form Software has now joined project too, overseeing production on the title. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows features two playable ninja warriors-players of the last game should remember heroine Ayame Rim. As usual the game offers a mix of tense stealthing and action packed bloody combat, scenes and there are huge numbers of new ways to kill your opponent as well as the addition of the ability to hide bodies as well as breathe underwater – very handy, stick that Sam Fisher!


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It’s the perfect gaming crime. The lads love a rogue who they can identify with, and the ladies love the cute fluffiness of cartoon animals – what better base form which to sell a title that has its roots in the floundering platform genre? Indeed, Sucker Punch really has stepped up to the challenge, and Sly 2 could well be one of the most solid and well polished games to appear on the console.

Is it possible? Well for a start, its important to dispel the odd myth or two that will cloud the minds of the uniformed gamer. Sly 2 has a cartoon look, but it’s by no means a ‘kid’s only’ title. The gameplay is massively engaging, and far less frustrating than the deadly serious stealth titles that have players reaching for the stress-ball on a regular basis. Playing as Sly the raccoon or one of his comrades, your task is to infiltrate buildings to steal information, art, and basically anything your mate can shift on ThiefNet (no relation to the ebay kids!). The game mechanics at work in the title are refreshingly simple to grasp, as most useable objects are context-sensitive, allowing players to glide smoothly through the environment while tiptoeing on tightropes and shimmying round ledges.

It doesn’t end there though. Not only does Sly 2 play like a control-freak’s wet-dream, its also wonderful styled and presented. Form the ‘Thwack’ animations in the combat sections, all the way to the slightly twisted visual style of the cut-sequence characters; Sly 2 is a joy to behold. Highly recommended for kids, adults and anyone who missed the old school 3D platform…. FADI.


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‘’What other game lets your shot-gun a T-Rex in the face?’’

Mixing sci-fi with dino-based horror Turok’s spaceship crash lands on an alien world in pursuit of a war criminal. Cue utterly hostile jungle trek through giant reptile infested terrain and attacks by packs of raptors and solo T-Rexes. With giant arachnids too, it all sounds a bit like King Kongmeets Riddick and that’s scary enough for us!


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A real world horror, this alien shooter uses squad based combat similarly to GRAW, if a little less complex. The size of some of the aliens invading the towns near Area 51 is a staggeringly scary, and setpieces such as the battle on a dam are reminiscent of Half-Life’s best moments. But which is worse fate; death by carnivorous aliens, or following the unethical orders of your scheming government masters?

HALO 3 (Extra tips to finish the fight on legendry co-op!)

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Plasma and Bullets

There’s a little touch of genius in the way Halo’s weapons react to different targets. For example, plasma based weapons like the Covenant plasma pistol and rifle wok well against shielding, but not so great against flesh. Conversely, human weapon human weapons that fire bullets work well against flesh but not against shields. To create the ultimate team, work together with some players taking down shields and other players using human weapons to finish enemies off.

Sniper and Patrol

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it always pays to have at least one player in co-op in the role of sniper. Allow them to hang back and find a vantage point while the others attract the attention of troops on the ground. The covenant infantry will almost focus its attention on the nearest targets, allowing the sniper a great deal of freedom to take down some of the more powerful enemies.

Long Range versus Short

Try dividing up your team so that two players are equipped with short-range weapons like the shotgun and needler and send them out first. The other two players should hang back with medium range weapon like the carbine or beetle rifle. Try to hold formation in a triangular shape. It’s the medium range player’s job to make sure that no one flanks the point men and gets behind them.

Take the Flank

Halo 3’s Campaign levels have been cleverly designed to encourage more flanking maneuvers. This means that one team attracts the attention of enemies head-on while the other sneaks around the side to get behind the enemies cover spot. For the flanking team, this will often mean looking for detour routes.

Support Troops

Given that you can only carry one piece of equipment when you are playing alone; your advantage is greatly increased in co-op mode. Now team can bring four pieces instead of just one, and everyone can benefit. Try to drop a bubble shield or regenerator in situations where it cab help the entire group, not just yourself.

On the Road

It’s debatable whether putting all four players in one vehicle is a good idea. It’s certainly a lot of fun, but you are missing out on the potential to use the most powerful mounted weapons. If there are two warthogs available, divide up into terms of two and you will have two mounted turrets to use. Indeed, the same goes for any other vehicle with a mounted weapon.


It’s all too easy to accidentally blow up your comrades with a grenade or rocket launcher if you don’t announce where you are going to throw them. In tightly packed areas, you are probably best not throwing them at all (you might even blow your self up). On the other hand, in open areas you can all bombard the enemy at once, causing a massive amount of carnage.


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‘’Chainsaw attacks brutally rip players in half’’ Eh? Gears isn’t horror? Chainsaw attcks reptile aliens, giant arachnids and scuttling beasts ambush you in ruined gothic cities and from under the planet’s crust, and the most ever seen really get our heats pounding. As night falls, carnivorous bats swarm and strip wayward humans of flesh. That’s horror in our book.


What if Britain surrendered early in WWII? Horror doesn’t need to be supernatural. Nazism was the most terrifying regime in human history and this twisted game asks what would have happened if Nazi Germany had won the war and gone on to invade the US. You fight with the resistance in America to repel the spreading evil before it gains too great a foothold and the European horror begin on a new continent.